Mars Attacks

I decided to make a simple wallpaper from a scan of one of the Mars Attacks trading card’s what a cool set from 1962. The cards feature artwork by science-fiction artist Wallace Wood and tell the story of the invasion of Earth by cruel, hideous Martians.


One Response to “Mars Attacks”

  1. Allen Ferro Says:

    Pablo Ferro is selling off Wallace Wood originals.

    Go to

    Wallace gave Pablo lots of original art over the years. Pablo and Wallace were good friends during the time that they worked together in NY and just before Wallace committed suicide in 81. due to extreme chronic physical pain. Pablo and Wallace shared this commonality (chronic of muscular pain along with the pain of being exploited artists), and so they stuck together and created many projects. One commercial project was for “Aftate” – I have to find out who the client was. Wallace created the space ships used in the commercial that Pablo directed. Probably the last (in not only), commercial he ever worked on. is the main site. Pablo will be contributing articles to this Blog regarding Wallace and other artists that he worked with during the 50’s through the 80’s

    Very Best,


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