Mars Attacks

I decided to make a another wallpaper from a scan of one of the Mars Attacks trading card’s

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3 Responses to “Mars Attacks”

  1. Keith Says:

    Great artwork! Your depiction of the Martians is so much like the original cards.

  2. David Says:

    It is not your artwork, why would you put your name on it?
    the original one says: Fastner & Larson


    • georgespigot Says:

      First of all David i have never said that i created the original art work i actually scanned it from a set of trading cards from the 90’s and cleaned it up and made a wallpaper from it that’s all and if you have ever looked at my blog that’s what i do nothing more or less and if i know the original artist i all ways give credit but at the time i didn’t so i didn’t so you can take your shame and shove it next time don’t jump to conclusions

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