My Friend Sam

He was an innocent new born pup when I first laid my eyes on him, he had the most loving big brown eyes that when he looked at you no matter how sad or unhappy you felt they bring a smile to your face. He would spend hours playing with a plastic lid or top from a bottle or some small container he’d found, he would kick it from paw to paw and dive on it with his little face, sometimes he’d think he’d kicked it and go looking for it in the direction of where it was supposed to have gone only to find that he’d missed it, this happed a lot, let’s put it this way he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and I loved him even more for that.

Sam would never leave my side if I went anywhere, I could always here the tapping of his feet trotting up behind me, if he was asleep on the couch and I had to go in another room I would be as quiet as I could trying not to wake him but when I looked over my shoulder to check that he was sill sleeping I would see his little face with those big brown eyes checking were I was, I think I will miss that so much, it was just one of a whole lot of things that made him so special.

when we would walk to the shops in the early hours of the morning he would be so giddy barking and running in circles eager to get going, Sam was a friendly little fella, he was afraid of his own shadow, but if we passed someone we didn’t know  he would try to put himself in front of me protectively and bark his little head off, many a time he’d miss judge a jump and hit his chin on the curb going up and even going down, yep he was that clumsy, he would shake himself in the bathroom and sometimes hit his tail on the door or the bath and jump round and look for what had hit him never catching on it was him all the time.

He brought so much joy and happiness to my life, April 12th 9.25am Sam died in my arms looking up at me with those big brown eyes, I will miss him every day.

One Response to “Sam”

  1. fat mick Says:

    aye, well said. i’ll miss the little man & his farts

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