Fan’s Guide To SciFi

Check out  Fan’s Guide To SciFi , it has some really cool podcasts

Tuning In To SciFi


3 Responses to “Fan’s Guide To SciFi”

  1. Kevin Bachelder Says:

    Thanks very much for mentioning our podcast George. We really appreciate that.

    Are there any other currently airing genre shows that you may be creating cool wallpapers for anytime soon?

    Your Fringe ones are now in my desktop rotation. Thanks. 🙂

    • georgespigot Says:

      Your welcome it’s a cool site. I’m planning on making wallpapers of Grimm and American horror story, if there are any you would like let me know.

      • Kevin Bachelder Says:

        Looking forward to those wallpapers George.

        Since you asked here are a few of my favs that I’d love to have some wallpapers of…

        Lost Girl
        Being Human (US)
        The Middleman

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