Red Dwarf may be coming back

It looks like Red Dwarf may be coming back for another series. The cast looks to have been rounded up for a whole new series, and they’re in the process of filming it right now. I’m a big Red Dwarf fan so Lets hope it’s better than that crap Back To Earth three-part special, well it can’t get any worse.


One Response to “Red Dwarf may be coming back”

  1. Penfold Says:

    Totally agree that the new series has to be better than ‘Back to Earth’. Even by the relatively low standards of series seven and eight (compared to one to six) BTE was abysmal.

    Hopefully they’ll take the premise back to the pre-series seven setting, with Lister, Kryton, Rimmer and the Cat either on the deserted Red Dwarf (series one to five) or aboard Starbug and pursuing (the deserted) Red Dwarf, as in series six. No Kotanski, no other RD crew members resurrected, just the four main characters and Holly, fumbling through space trying to survive and get back to Earth. That’s how the program was when it was great, and how it should be again.

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