Fright Night

Fright Night 2011

First let me say I went into this film with high hopes and I must say that they were dashed to say the least, in fact they were utterly trounced, it was as if the writers or whoever is responsible for this smoldering piece of crap got hold of the original story and proceeded to rip out its heart and guts then throw them on the floor.

Secondly the film is short – actually that was a plus point, I don’t like to bash stuff, I usually don’t comment on something I don’t like but this movie was offensive to the original. Look,  if you haven’t seen the original 1985 version try to forget it’s 27 years old and give it a viewing. It’s a classic 80’s horror flick with an awesome soundtrack which as I write this I don’t remember the remake having a soundtrack of any note, another point against. To sum up, if someone buys you a copy on dvd or Blu-ray just say no thanks and quickly punch them square in the face before running away shouting “Pity the fool”, then disappear into the ether like this remake should.


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5 Responses to “Fright Night”

  1. Bewseychip Says:

    spot on spiggy, total crap, i watched it, blind me now.

  2. gobsheen666 Says:

    WRONG!, you pair of bumsniffing critics are way off the mark. me & the missus loved it. try watching it from outside the haze of alcohol you pretentious fudpuckers. I thought David Tennant’s acting was a triumph & Colin Farrell made me cry.
    So stick your review up your toddpipe & you and Bewseychip go on a fagfest.

    pity THAT fool!.

    yours sincerely.

    David Tennant

    • Bewseychip Says:

      Disgusted, I totally agree with spigot and the wonderfull bewseychip, the film was rather poor, written on the back of of some toadys botty. Keep up the good work spigot and bc.


      Davids mum.

  3. georgespigot Says:

    lol thanks for that David

  4. billy gadbois Says:


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