The Big Bang Theory Wallpaper

Here’s a wallpaper I made of this awesome show, The Big Bang Theory, no matter how I’m feeling this show just cheers me up. A fun show from Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady,

To the idiot who said he made the original dvd art and that I only re-framed it to fit a “screen saver” er wallpaper actually mate,

and that I only tweaked it, if you had indeed made the original you would have noticed the changes, hears the proof.

Oh and all the celebrity wallpapers I have made I didn’t take the actual photo numb nuts!.

I make these wallpapers for fun in my own free time I don’t re frame other peoples hard work.




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One Response to “The Big Bang Theory Wallpaper”

  1. Mark Says:

    It would be a good idea if you were 100% honest about your wallpapers. You used the image I DESIGNED for Comic Con, and for Warner Bros. to use for the DVD Packaging, and tweaked it to fit a screen saver… When you say “Here is a wallpaper ‘I came up with’ for the Big Bang Theory” it should be something that you built from scratch. All of those cast images were pieced together from about 30 different images and hundreds of hours of retouching, revisions and variations, with hard work from myself, the original photographer and a final retoucher all working together with myself and the creative director. To take credit for work done by others isn’t a good start, and its an insult to others who work very hard to produce it. If you’re truly interested in posting design work that YOU YOURSELF did, you should start with undoctored images and design the entire thing by yourself from the bottom up, including your very own concept.

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