Oh No! More Mars Attacks

Mars Attacks is a Science fiction trading card set put out by Topps in 1962.

Topps must have anticipated strong parental reaction owing to Mars Attacks’ blood/gore content (which is effective even today!), so Mars Attacks cards were released carrying Topp’s alter ego brand name “Bubbles, Inc.”

In Palo Alto when they appeared in supermarket’s which put out a little mechanical vending machine with six different
varieties of cards in it.

The cards tell a story of creepy looking Martians with see-through space helmets that show their large grotesque brains, who come to Earth and basically try to kill every living thing on it in numerously different ways.

They became popular with children but created controversy due to the explicit images resulting in a production halt.
This set was inspired by a cover for EC Comic’s Weird Science #16.

What else is there for me to say except,  I bloody love these 60’s cards from Topps.


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