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Gil Elvgren Wallpapers

May 29, 2012

Here you go Kev three more Gil Elvgren wallpapers, hope you like them, I will make some more when I get the time :).

More Gil Elvgren Wallpapers

May 23, 2012

I’ve had a lot of  requests for more wallpapers from Gil Elvgrin’s awesome paintings, so here are a few.

A Few iPad Wallpapers

May 16, 2012

Here are some more iPad wallpapers I made that were requested, oh and they are all in 2048 / 1536 resolution.

Judge Dredd Wallpaper

May 12, 2012

Here’s a Judge Dredd wallpaper I made and decided to make an iPad version as well. It’s from the front cover of The Chronicles of Judge Dredd Book 1 from  1982.

A Couple Of iPad Wallpapers

May 10, 2012

Johnny7 sent me some pictures that he  wanted converting to iPad wallpapers, so here you go Jonny. Don’t forget if any one wants a wallpaper making just leve a message and i’ll get back to you soon as.

oh almost forgot these are, 2048 / 1536 resolution

Laurel and Hardy Wallpaper

May 3, 2012

Here you go, Banksy and Penfold, I finally got round to making you guys a few Laurel and Hardy wallpapers.

Laurel and Hardy were one of the most popular and critically acclaimed comedy double acts of the early Classical Hollywood era.

Stan Laurel  Was  born  June  16,  1890 – February 23,  1965, Oliver Hardy January 18, 1892 – August 7, 1957. They made over 100 films together, initially two-reelers before expanding into feature-length films in the 1930s.

A couple of my favorites are Sons of the Desert, and Brats, no matter the mood I’m in watching Laurel and Hardy make’s me laugh out loud, as good today as they ever were.