Corvette Summer (1978)

High School Senior Kenneth W. Dantley Jr’s (Mark Hamill) only love in life is cars. For a shop class project, he and his classmates build a Corvette “Stingray”. When it gets stolen by chopp shop car theves Kenny begins he search for it. Along the way, he meets up with a “hooker-in-training” named “Vanessa” (Annie Potts). The two encounter danger and romance as they try to steal back the Corvette.

Ok Yes it’s a very cheesy film and for those who have no understanding of the era will most likely come away bewildered, but for those who either remember the 70’s or at least have passing interest in that cool decade will find the film an awesome fun ride.

“Ya wanna hitchike, ya gotta stick somethin’ out” Vanessa



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One Response to “Corvette Summer (1978)”

  1. Ziggi Says:

    Nicely done George,great wallpaper.

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