For Your Eye’s Only

Another Bond wallpaper that was requested, this one is from For Your Eye’s Only, a cracking Bond film from 1981, staring Roger Moore as James Bond and the Bond girl was Carole Bouquet as Melina Havelock, incidentally the legs on the poster are supposed to be Carole’s.


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6 Responses to “For Your Eye’s Only”

  1. Frivolous Monsters Says:

    Carole Bouquet is my favourite Bond girl and I have found out I know someone who’s sister was Carole’s “action” body double on FYEO. My friend was working as the parrot/donkey wrangler!

    • georgespigot Says:

      Thats awesome thanks 🙂

    • Mappy Says:

      My favourite bond girl is a toss up between, Jill St John and Caroline Munro, but is Munro classed as a Bond girl?

      • georgespigot Says:

        Yep I would have to agree with you there Mappy Jill St John is also my favourite Bond girl, I think Caroline Munro is classed as a Bond girl.

      • Frivolous Monsters Says:

        Dubious, but the term Bond girls seems to have a wide meaning these days. Each to their own. She was also touted as a Doctor Who companion in the more salacious film that was never made in the early nineties. I’ve got a book with her in, listed amongst companions, yet to this day she’s never been in DW.

      • georgespigot Says:

        Nice that was something I didn’t know, thanks for sharing, have you any more info on who was going to be the doctor?. 🙂

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