The Avengers (Marvel)

To celebrate the release of  The Avengers on Blu-ray I thought I would do a couple of wallpapers.


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5 Responses to “The Avengers (Marvel)”

  1. Ziggi Says:


  2. Mappy Says:

    If I do say so myself awesome!

  3. alvin purple Says:


  4. Penfold Says:

    Brilliant work as always mate. Great wallpapers for a great film (a film made by people who obviously understand what makes the characters tick, and with the sequel officially confirmed (due around 2015, and by the same people) we can look forward to more of the same.

    My one complaint is that Edward Norton would have made a better Bruce Banner than the bloke who plays him in this one (see Norton was great in The Hulk 2), but this actor was OK at the role.

  5. mastamilmovies Says:

    avenger no one can beat this movie 🙂

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