R.I.P. Sir Patrick Moore

806eb_patrick-mooreAstronomer Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore was the monocled surveyor of the sky who awakened in millions of people an interest in galactic goings on.
His love of astronomy began at the age of six and that childhood curiosity developed into a lifelong passion.
It was a passion he shared through his programme, The Sky at Night, which he presented for more than 50 years.
Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore was born at Pinner, Middlesex on 4 Mar 1923 passed away 9th December 2012.

In his private life Patrick was astoundingly giving. His dedication to young aspiring astronomers was legendary. He replied to every letter,responded to questions, helped students with gifts of equipment and the most precious gift of all ā€“ his time. He personally tutored some he thought particularly promising, and sponsored others through higher education; he gave away any income he made to the point where he had no security himself except that which his friends supplied.

Brian May has set up a website where members of the public can leave personal tributes to the late Sir Patrick Moore at banguniverse.com


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  1. Ziggi Says:

    Nice tribute George šŸ‘½šŸ’«šŸš€

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