Doctor Who

Dr Who The Snowmen01

.Dr Who The Snowmen02

Hope you all had a good Christmas, here’s a couple of wallpapers from this years seasonal episode of Doctor Who The Snowmen,

which welcomes his new companion Clara played by JennaLouise Colema and a redesign of the Tardis, a much better and some what classic Tom Baker esque look, a cracking episode written by the awesome steven moffat.


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3 Responses to “Doctor Who”

  1. Redhead Says:

    Jenna-Louse Colema was incredible, wasn’t she? i can really see her taking The Doctor for a ride and driving him crazy, because she does whatever she wants, and it’s awesome!

    I was very happy with the TARDIS interior redesign, was that Gallifreyan script I saw on the walls just inside the door? 😀

  2. georgespigot Says:

    yep she was good, looking forward to see the chemistry between them, and i will have to look again to see it it’s Gallifreyan script

  3. Bizzaro Holmes Says:

    Amazing Mr Spigot.

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