Check out Sci-Fi TV Guide


Check out the link above for science fiction and fantasy TV information and news for the UK and from around the world….

It’s a cool site with tons of good stuff and it even has some of my wallpapers.

Oh and here’s a quick wallpaper I made from a tee-shirt Image of Moss from The IT Crowd



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7 Responses to “Check out Sci-Fi TV Guide”

  1. Penfold Says:

    That’s really good, thanks.

    Would it be possible for you to alter the blue background to a Blue Screen of Death (when Windows gives up and throws up a blue screen with white text detailing the error details) but still keeping the white circle with Moss’s silhouette?

    Maybe you’d have to change the sub-title from “Flippin’ Awesome” to “Oh no, not again!”. There could be two versions, one with the effect carried over to the blue in Moss’s silhouette, and one where his silhouette is just the pure, unbroken blue as it is now.

    Then again, a BSOD theme on the picture might not work, it might look too crowded.

    Anyway, just a thought. Keep up with the great work, mate.


  2. Mappy Says:

    Lol awesome

  3. Ziggi Says:

    Love this 👾

  4. Wayne Says:

    Thanks for the mention

  5. geekybooksnob Says:

    I love Moss!

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