I recently watched a 1972 movie called Fuzz and  judging from the poster, and the synopsis it looked to be a good fun movie, but to my surprise it turned out to be a load of crap, even for the seventies it was shit (pardon my French).

The film stared Burt Burt Reynolds, Tom Skerik and the gorgeous Raquel Welch. There is so much wrong with this film, for a start it’s credited as some sort of action comedy. Well, it didn’t make me laugh at all. It centers around the 87th Precinct and it’s team investigating a murder-extortion racket run by a mysterious deaf man, While attempting to solve a rash of arson attacks on homeless men and a serial rapist – doesn’t sound like a comedy does it?

Firstly Eileen McHenry (Welch) gets sent to find the rapist (alone!), so she is told to go to the local coffee shop and walk about a bit, she does this and after some time she gets jumped by the would-be rapist, just managing to fight him off with a well placed kick to the cullies (his family jewels), luckily for her because there was no backup – yep, that’s right, she was walking down those dark secluded streets by herself, late at night.

Secondly Steve Carella (Reynolds) is tasked to find the culprits who are burning the bums, so he goes under cover as (yes, you guessed it) a bum, and soon he is approached by two teenagers, who shout “Burn bum” ( Reynolds’ first clue!) then they throw a cup of petrol (gas) at Reynolds, but instead of kicking their teenage arses, he just says to himself “Kids…”, and then proceeds to roll around on the floor burning! He ends up in hospital with badly burnt hands, but it was the back of his coat that was set alight so shouldn’t it be his back that was burnt? Well he makes a quick recovery, phew!

And then we have the deaf man (Brynner), in what has to be his worst role ever. He is responsible for the murder-extortion racket, after a lot of badly written scenes we are near the end and Yul Brynner, err sorry the deaf man, has been shot and is trying to flee by hobbling like a bum (first clue) to the docks, and then who shows up? Yep the bum-burning kids, who proceed to set Brynner on fire. Thats ninety-two minutes of my life I will never see again.

So in summery, you can’t judge a movie by its poster or it’s synopsis.


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4 Responses to “Fuzz”

  1. billy Says:

    two funny

  2. billy Says:


  3. Bizzaro Holmes Says:

    George,your making me feel like I need to see this shit💩

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