For any of you who have actually read my blog, you will know I lost my beloved dog Sam a few years back. Well it’s taken some time for me to take the plunge and get another dog, but at long last I succumbed.
I ventured out and found a pup, and named him Blue – what a little bugga.
He is quick and all teeth, did I mention he’s quick, oh his teeth his bloody teeth they are sharp, sharp like needles and he likes to use them use them a lot.  In fact he’s like a shark, constantly looking for prey, a dangling finger, a wiggle of a toe, even an out of place step. Any sound and he’s there, mouth open and poised to strike.
I have so many cuts, gouges and scratches that I look like a beat up and well used punching bag, and if that wasn’t all he eats like a pig, anything and everything is a delicious morsel to him, as a matter fact the only thing I have found that he doesn’t like is lettuce, maybe I will shroud myself with it, if only for now I must use my limited wits to defend my self and sleep with one eye open for he is ever watchful and if I let my guard down even for an instant it will be my undoing.
I hope with the wallpapers of him I made maybe you will understand what have I done, even as I write this I am constantly checking, constantly watching for any sign, any movement looking to where he might strike from, what have I brought upon myself only god knows………….





One Response to “Blue”

  1. Bizzaro Holmes Says:

    He’s beautiful,the top picture is pure evil 🙀

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