Saturday Morning Cartoon’s – Part 1

SMC Fangface

Fangface features four teenagers — buff and handsome leader Biff, his brainy and beautiful dusky-skinned girlfriend Kim, short, stocky and pugnacious Puggsy and tall, skinny simpleton Sherman “Fangs” Fangsworth who transforms into a wildly whirling werewolf named Fangface whenever he sees the moon, a picture of the moon, or anything resembling the moon.

The four kids drive around in a sleek convertible dune buggy called the Wolf-Buggy and catch crooks and solve crimes involving monsters and evil masterminds.

SMC Hong Kong Phooey 01

Hong Kong Phooey

A kung-fu-fighting pup and his snickering cat sidekick battle crime.

I loved Saturday Morning Cartoon’s as a kid and so I’ve decided when i get the time to make some wallpapers from some of my favorite cartoon’s



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2 Responses to “Saturday Morning Cartoon’s – Part 1”

  1. Mappy Says:

    Great, they bring me back

  2. Bizzaro Holmes Says:

    Cool pics how about some top cat 🐱

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