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Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

November 27, 2013

Lois & Clark - 03

Lois & Clark - 02

Lois & Clark - 01

For some unexplained reason I have started watching some old TV shows againĀ  Lois & Clark being one of them.

Now I loved this show as a kid and was afraid it might have badly aged now In my more mature out look of life that is, but to my surprise it was still as good as I remember (and so was Teri Hatcher oh I had such a crush) .

So in what little time I seem to be getting lately, I just had to throw some wallpapers together.

Jessica Rabbit

November 19, 2013

Jessica Rabbit 02



November 7, 2013





I was asked to make some more wallpaper’s of the awesome CW show Arrow and here they are.


The Empire Strikes Back

November 4, 2013

Empire Strikes Back - 03

Here’s a wallpaper I did of one of my favorite films The Empire Strikes Back and in my humble opinion the best in the trilogy.
Oh and here’s a Star Wars wallpaper I made years ago with a smaller and more transparent logo.

Star wars - 02

Here you go Ted hope this works for ya.