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Back To The Future

January 29, 2014

Back To The Future - 01

Back To The Future - 02

Here are a couple of wallpapers from the awesome 80’s movie Back to the Future, thanks to Chuck for sending me the images in the first place.


January 25, 2014


Looking forward to the return of Continuum, April 21st

Qr Code

January 21, 2014

George Spigot Address - 01

I was bored and made a Qr Code (Quick Response Code) for my humble blog, now how to fill the rest of the day bugga here’s me boss cya.

Sons Of The Desert

January 11, 2014

L&H Sons Of The Desert - 01

L&H Sons Of The Desert - 02

L&H Sons Of The Desert - 03

Here are a few Laurel & Hardy wallpapers from the 1933 classic Sons of the Desert, just looking at Stan and Ollie makes me laugh, unlike nowadays, when most modern comedians have no noticeable talent, and have to resort to shock tactics to muster up a laugh.


January 9, 2014

Outland - 02

Outland - 01

Bryan asked me to make some wallpapers from the cracking 1981 film Outland staring Sean Connery, Peter Boyle, and Frances Sternhagen. so here they are, sorry it took so long mate. 🙂

V for Vendetta

January 8, 2014

V For Vendetta - 01

I recently re-watched this absolutely awesome film which is as you all know the graphic novel by David Lloyd.

The Big Bang Theory

January 6, 2014

The Big Bang-10

For all of you who emailed me asking for a wallpaper from the 2013 Emmy awards, here it is sorry it took a bit, it was hard to find one at a decent resolution.

Oh and Happy New Year every one.