Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon - 01

Flash Gordon - 03

Flash Gordon - 06

Flash Gordon - 02

Flash Gordon - 04

I was reminded by David that I had some how forgot to make some wallpapers of the classic 80’s Flash Gordon and in his own words “You can never have enough Brian Blessed in your life!” and I Wholeheartedly agree so here are a few I threw together hope you like em Dave.

Flash Gordon stared. “the awesome” Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, Ornella Muti, Max von Sydow, Chaim Topol, Timothy Dalton, “and the legend that is” Brian Blessed.


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7 Responses to “Flash Gordon”

  1. Mappy Says:

    Fantastic walls George, Brian blessed rules!

  2. CylonKing Says:

    Cheers George, excellent wallpapers as ever. Loving the BB one. That will be my wallpaper for many months now I reckon!
    Thanks, David

  3. Penfold Says:

    Great wallpapers as always, and no, you can’t have too much Brian Blessed (just as well, since there’s so much of him!).

    Come to think of it, with Hollywood’s current endless “Let’s reboot everything” attitude, it’s surprising they haven’t remade Flash Gordon. Just as well though, as they’d probably ruin it as with most reboots (Robocop being a notable exception, though the remake isn’t nearly as good as the original, but at least it’s worth watching).

  4. Ziggi Says:

    These are amazing 😜

  5. Deborah Says:

    I am giving my husband a surprise bday party and he is a huge Flash fan from his childhood. I would love to use an image as a cake decoration. Are these images available for that purpose? they are fantastic!


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