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Wishing You All A Merry Christmas

December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas - 01

Happy holidays every one 🙂

Black Moon Rising

December 4, 2014

Black Moon - 01

Black Moon Rising a 1986 film written by John Carpenter and starring Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Hamilton and Robert Vaughn.

Working for the US Government to retrieve a cassette with vital information, Sam Quint, a thief and former CIA agent (Tommy Lee Jones), runs into Marvin Ringer (Lee Ving), another thief he replaced, who is after the same cassette. In a desperate attempt to evade Ringer and get the tape back to a government official Johnson (Bubba Smith), Quint hides the cassette in a 300-MPH prototype vehicle, the Black Moon.

Before Quint can recover the cassette, Nina (Linda Hamilton) steals the Black Moon, with Quint on her tail, she escapes to a warehouse, the headquarters for the car thief ring headed by Ed Ryland (Robert Vaughn). Quint must lure Nina into helping him recover the Black Moon, with the help of its driver and his crew, and make it out alive with the cassette and the car before time is up.

Another awesome 80’s flick.

Trancers (1984)

December 2, 2014

Trancers - 01

Trancer 2 - 01

Jack Deth is a trooper/cop in the bleak Los Angeles of the future now called Angel City, after the murder of his wife, he has become obsessed with taking down Whistler an evil criminal who uses powerful hypnotic psychic mind powers to convert people into zombie like creatures known as trancers.

In an attempt to kill the ruling council Whistler has managed to escape through time and travel back to the 80’s intent on killing there descendants, only Jack Death can follow him back in time and singe him once and for all.

Staring Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson),  Leena (Helen Hunt), Martin Whistler (Michael Stefani),

Trancers is an awesome movie from the 80’s and spawned 5 films I loved these movies as a kid, hell i still love’em.