Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - 01

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - 03

Jack Chandler is a private eye tracking down Samantha a teenage runaway. In his travels, he comes across a gang of chainsaw-worshipping prostitutes led by “The Master”.

A classic B-Movie from the legendary director Fred Olen Ray, it star’s Linnea Quigley as Samantha, Gunnar Hansen as The Stranger, Jay Richardson as Jack Chandler, and one of my favorite B-Movie stars of the 80’s and 90’s Michelle Bauer as Mercedes.

I’ll do more of other classic B-Movies as soon as I get the chance Kevin mate hope you like these.


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2 Responses to “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers”

  1. Kevin Bachelder Says:

    Very nice! Thanks for doing these George. 🙂

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