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The Time of the Doctor

December 20, 2013

Dr who Time of the Doctor

Dr who Time of the Doctor 2

Here’s another couple of wallpaper’s I did for Matt Smiths last episode The Time of the Doctor, other than Tom Baker, Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor.

Doctor Who Christmas special – The Time of the Doctor

December 3, 2013

Dr who Nightmare in Silver 2

Dr who Nightmare in Silver

Here are a couple of Doctor Who Wallpapers one from the Christmas Special The Time of the Doctor and the other from season 7, episode 13 Nightmare In Silver.

When I get the time I will finish the rest of my Doctor Who Walls, oh I’m gonna miss Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor.

Doctor Who

December 27, 2012

Dr Who The Snowmen01

.Dr Who The Snowmen02

Hope you all had a good Christmas, here’s a couple of wallpapers from this years seasonal episode of Doctor Who The Snowmen,

which welcomes his new companion Clara played by JennaLouise Colema and a redesign of the Tardis, a much better and some what classic Tom Baker esque look, a cracking episode written by the awesome steven moffat.

Doctor Who Season 7 Wallpapers

August 17, 2012

Here are some wallpapers from season 7 of Dr Who, or if like me you count from the original season it’s actually 33rd series, only  2 weeks left to wait.

Doctor Who New Series Trailer

August 3, 2012

Here’s a trailer for the new series of  Doctor Who, oooooh I can’t wait.

Doctor Who New Season 2012 Teaser Trailer

March 27, 2012

Watch the Doctor Who trailer above and you’ll see Ben Browder the star from Farscape and Stargate SG-1, sporting a large handle-bar mustache.