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Classic “V”

July 22, 2013




My PC keeps over heating in this bloody hot weather so not much time to make wallpapers, hears a few from the classic 1984 V, Staring Marc Singer, Faye Grant, and the delicious Jane Badler,

Sybil Danning

December 11, 2012

sybil danning 10

sybil danning 9

Thanks to Kevin from Tuning in to SciFi who informed me that Sybil Danning last Saturday put one of my humble walls on her facebook page.

So I decided to upload these two wallpapers I made of her, the first one is from the 1984 “V-The series” as Mary Kruger and the other is from the 1981 film Theyre playing with fire as Diane Stevens, and thanks again Kev mate.

V Wallpaper

July 25, 2012

V 2009 – 2011 was a remake of the 1983 miniseries created by Kenneth Johnson, the wallpaper features Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin. Again another series canceled way before it’s time.

Classic “V” Wallpaper

June 22, 2012

I was asked some time back to do a new V wallpaper featuring Jane Badler, and June Chadwick, I finally got time to make it, so here you go “ZunarJ5” hope you like it.

Jane Badler wallpaper

July 24, 2011

Johnny Seven asked me if i had any more Jane Badler wallpapers   (I had the biggest crush on her when I was a wee lad), I didn’t so i whipped up this for him, hope you like it Johnny