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Sybil Danning

September 26, 2013

sybil danning 12

Sybil Danning 14

Here are a couple more Sybil Danning wallpapers one as Saint-Exmin from Battle Beyond the Stars (1980), and the other from publicity shots from an Octopussy photo shoot.

Sybil Danning

December 11, 2012

sybil danning 10

sybil danning 9

Thanks to Kevin from Tuning in to SciFi who informed me that Sybil Danning last Saturday put one of my humble walls on her facebook page.

So I decided to upload these two wallpapers I made of her, the first one is from the 1984 “V-The series” as Mary Kruger and the other is from the 1981 film Theyre playing with fire as Diane Stevens, and thanks again Kev mate.

Sybil Danning Wallpaper

August 14, 2011

Here is another wallpaper of the sexy Sybil Danning.

The picture witch was in three parts “hopefully you cant see the joins”  It was from 1985, Sybil was a semi-regular on the classic V television series, she played a steamy villainess with a program to freeze dry humans as a snack. What a way to go oooooh yeah!

Sybil Danning Wallpaper

April 18, 2010

A new Sexy Sybil Danning Wallpaper By Me for Me 🙂

Battle Beyond The Stars Wallpaper

March 30, 2010

Wallpaper of the classic film Battle Beyond The Stars

Oh and sybil danning is hot as Saint-Exmin